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Michael Bishop, The Cooler Real Estate Agent, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services; 614.600.4554 Call/text. Helping home, condo, rental, new construction, & land- Buyers & Sellers all over Central Ohio for over 19 years.

Buy Sell Have Fun, Know the Numbers. It's still a great time to be a buyer; whether it's a home or condo. Sellers still have the upper hand; so it's more important than ever to be a smart Buyer or an informed seller. Know the Numbers.
So how do you become an informed or knowledgeable buyer or seller? For most Americans, their home is their biggest single investment. It makes sense to know that you’re making a smart decision. Giving yourself more knowledge to make a decision for your family is a smart step.
Buy or Sell: I use facts, numbers, closed sales. I typically provide: Low, High & Average values.
Real estate can be complicated. My goal is to help you know more. Understand more. The hope is the added information, or knowledge will help my clients be more confident in their decisions and choices. KNOWLEDGE=POWER

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Michael Bishop, The Cooler Real Estate Agent. Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. 

A brief background:

Born in Coshocton, Ohio which is Eastern Ohio past Newark Ohio and about the same distance from Zanesville, Cambridge, New Philadephia & Newark Ohio. My father was a US Navy enlistee in WWII and although I am not a military veteran. I will always help anyone who has served - as that is what my Dad wanted and expected. Honor those who have served.

My dad (Dennis) was not educated past high school, but I still do many things today because of what he said; what he did; and the things he taught me. He worked in a number of areas but was originally an electrician. He worked for the REA (Rural Electrification of America) running power lines and poles into areas with no power previously. Desperately needed, but far from glamorous.

He also did heating, plumbing, insulation and roofing. Oh and was a pretty good auto/truck mechanic as well. At times (though I never generally wanted to) I would help. Be a hand. Literally meaning, hand tools to him as needed. Naturally as a father he'd coax me into doing a few simple things, and the next thing you know - you're learning and beginning to understand "how things go together - how things work - or break."

A couple famous dadisms for me: "Son, you can't push a rope up." If someone will at least exert the effort to hang onto the rope... you can pull them up. 

Another favorite: "Son, liars will figure, but the figures will never lie." I'm not sure how old I was the first time he said that - but I remember that I didn't understand what he meant. After my high school graduation and going to Ohio Wesleyan University I became an Economics major. Although I didn't directly connect it to this saying I think it played a part in understanding my dad, and things he had taught me - before I even realized it!

My own career, sort of like my father's has covered several areas.

First in the investment industry. Stocks specifically. Spending about none years in it - last working at Merrill Lynch. I left after the twin towers bombing and the market collapse. 

Second career: advertising. Originally just the old fashioned yellow pages but it was also transitioning to digital online sales as well. I sold the ads directly to our larger customers for 2-3 years and then worked as a sales planner over a six state area. Diving up the customers to be called on by our Premise (face-to-face) reps; telephone reps and direct mail. 

Now real estate. In addition to be a licensed real estate agent since 2014, I also spent about nine years selling new build homes in Central Ohio. So it was the full cycle of seeing a farm get cleared. Streets added as well as the needed utilities. Selling a new home on a selected lot and helping client select EVERYTHING. It was a huge learning experience and the things I had done (or watched my father do) helped me undertand a lot more about everything that goes into building a home.

One of the biggest lessons from that experience was learning - new, does not mean perfect. People are building them - and who is perfect? No one! Truth be told, when in the building business - I hated realtors. Or at least most of them. New homes and the sales process is far differenrt than the existing home sale process - which most did not know. Understand. Or even try to understand. 

So if you've read this boring history - this is how I become a real esgtate agent. It is all tied together in how I try to help clients know more and become a more knowledgeable buyer or seller.

Knowledge = Power

When it comes to buying or selling existing homes. I rely heavily on sales data. Numbers. Facts. Stats. Closed transactions. 

Now is that all there is to home buying/selliing? Absolutely not. But it is factual information. And my way of thinking is the more my clients know. The greater their confidence will be regarding their decisions. 


For nearly ALL AMERICANS. Their home will be their largest single financial decision and commitment. I have a goal of wanting all clients to know they are making these big decisions with more information. More facts. More data. More confidence.

We look forward to providing you with a real estate experience that exceeds your expectations.

The end purpose: Know more. Be more confident. Make better choices. Make better decisions.

Buy Sell Have Fun & Know the Numbers!

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The Cooler Real Estate Agent

* the 'cooler' part is tied to the typical gift I give to my clients!




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